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21st June 2005 - Review by Kathie from USA.

Hello all!

I am back in the states this evening, and I have to say how much I enjoyed not only the gig (of course!) but meeting everyone. I had been able to check email from time to time while I was traveling but wasn't able to send! I also didn't have the address of Derek's site with our pictures, to be able to go and refresh my memory of who was coming. So I went to the Hard Rock Cafe and wasn't able to find anyone (though I believe Chris and Artur were already there) and I stood outside and hoped someone would come up and recognize me. :) And someone did, thank goodness! The gig was wonderful but I had so much more fun being there as part of this fun group!

Deb and Kathleen, bless you for missing sound check to come and fetch us!

I could not believe when we walked into the place to see this gentleman with glasses and grayish hair leaning against the bar. I think Chris and I in particular had our eyes pop out of our heads as we thought "is that... but it can't be... but it is!" I had already been thrilled to pieces the day before to be able to walk into a music store in London and buy *the new Nik Kershaw CD* off the shelf. I certainly would have never been able to do that here in the US! (Although if it does come out here, I will buy it again to prove there are fans here!) But then I was able to have the CD book signed by Nik... I had just barely dared to hope that might happen! :)

As they were checking names against the list of winners on our way up the stairs, when I told the man my name, he didn't even look at the list but said, "Oh, from America?" I felt very famous! ;) Turns out he is the one who called me to tell me I had tickets!

Sorry to run out on you all so soon after the gig was over, but I was thinking of that 3am wakeup call so I could catch my early plane this morning. Mark and Giles, thanks for getting the photos up so quickly! I will put mine up as soon as I have time. At one point near the end of the show I looked around at the bunch of us up near the stage and just enjoyed how thoroughly happy everyone looked, smiling and singing along. I have a terribly unflattering photo of Matthew and Paul, as it looks like I caught them singing a "shh" sound instead of a nice "la" which would have looked prettier. :) But it is still a nice memory. Speaking of unflattering, when you see the pictures of me, please imagine that I remembered to comb my hair after walking through the windy streets - eek!

Someone said it was quite surreal, and it truly was, and I felt so lucky to be there and a bit overwhelmed. No one saw me feeling very silly for crying through the first song, right? Good. :) The singing along on every song was amazing. After joking that he couldn't play "Dancing Girls" as an acoustic, Nik did a great job and that was incredible to hear. The conversation in the background bothered me a bit too, but at least those who were up front were obviously fans well versed in Nik's music.

I believe that's more than I've written to this list in a year! :)

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