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NIk Kershaw, who was a star in the 1980s, makes a comeback.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Thanks to Gary Wilson for spotting the interview.

An artiste who's had more than two decades of hits. Nik Kershaw was a huge star in the 1980's, then he decided to concentrate on writing songs for others, amongst them Elton John, Cliff Richard and Ronan Keating. But now he's recorded a new CD called "Then and Now" and he's back on the scene as a performer. Last night he played to an invited audience in Yarm on Tees. Before that I caught up with him on Newcastle's Quayside.

When his single The Riddle reached no 3 in the charts. In fact in just two years he had ten entries in the Top twenty. In 1986 he appeared on The Tube at Tyne Tees TV.

"The Tube was the programme you really wanted to get on if you were a musician, you really wanted to get on there. It was kind of recognition that you weren't just an ordinary pop star". Nik was one of the perfromers at the legendary Live Aid concert and in typical style he's very modest about his part.

"It ws very exciting, blind panic comes to mind. It was very scary, 70,000 people, 2 billion watching on TV and perfroming under very adverse conditions like everyone did.

What makes somebody as successful, versatile and talented as you take a backseat and write for others?

Well, I decided to do that in '89, 'cos I was touring with Elton John and I just had enough really, so I decided to just stop and write for other people, we were starting a family, it seemed a good idea."

So what's made you want to put yourself back up there on the perfroming stage?

"I started making records again in '98 because I was getting bored. Writing songs for other people's fine except you never get to follow the thing through to its conclusion and I was getting ideas that nobody else was going to do - si I started doing it on a very small scale, then a couple of albums later Universal phoned me up and told me they'd got my old back catalogue with a couple of new tracks on it. It seemed rude to say no really."

Now Nik's decided to make his performing comeback there's no doubt we'll be hearing a lot more from him.

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