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Nik interview from Sunday Express 24th July '05
Sent by Paul Double.
Some imprecisions in it's what the papers say...

Nik Kershaw

The 80s pop star, 47, famed for the hits Wouldn't It Be Good and I Won't Let THe Sun Go Down On Me, lives in London with his wife, Sherri, and their three children.
Interview by Ali Morton

What is your favourite book?
The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien. It's a surreal black comedy written from the point of view of a criminal. I read it 20 years ago and it made a real impression on me: it's funny, very Irish, weird and wonderful and unexpected.

What is your favourite film?
Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. I took a girl on a date to see it when it first came out in 1982. I don't think she was even slightly impressed, but I loved it.

What is your favourite TV programme?
Anything to do with property, houses, and decorating like Grand Designs, Location, Location, Location or Changing Rooms. There aren't enough of these programmes if you ask me.

What is your favourite play?
I don't have one. I did do a bit of acting when I was young - I once played Tweedledum in a production of Alice In Wonderland - but I don't get on very well with theatre. There's something too weird about real people standing up and talking in front of you while you sit very quietly in your seat.

What is your favourite work of art?
The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even, by Marcel Duchamp. This is a work I have long admired, and I saw it recently at the Tate Modern in London. It's a surrealist piece made from two large plates of glass with all sorts of weird shapes put into it. I don't know what it as about it that I like, but I think that's what makes something a work of art - you don't know why, but it affects you.

What is your favourite piece of music?
Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. Listening to it is like soaring over the Lake Distract in a helicopter; it sounds monumental.

What was the first single you ever bought?
T-Rex's Get It On which is probably quite cool nowadays. I was nuts on Marc Bolan, I wanted to be him when I bought this.

Nik's Top Five Albums

U2 - The Joshua Tree
I was in Israel many years ago and a journalist on the trip wouldn't stop raving about this. I listened to it to shut him up, and it kept growing on me. It's a classic, a really fantastic album.

Stevie Wonder - Songs in the key of life
Stevie Wonder is a legend, a shining light, and this album sees him at the height of his creativity.

Keane - Hopes And Fears
The tunes are beautiful and they make a fantastic sound - how you can get the racket they do without guitars is a mystery to me.

Joni Mitchell - Shadows and Light
This is a collection of live tracks and both her and the band sound unbelievable.

David Bowie - Aladdin Sane I think this was the first album I bought. It reminds me of growing up in Ipswich, listening to it with my first ever girlfriend, over and over again.

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