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Nik Kershaw is my favourite rock star from the eighties, a great songwriter. He had three international hits ‘I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’, ‘Wouldn’t it Be Good’ and ‘The Riddle’, and I am sure everyone remembers the UK hit ‘Wide Boy’ too.

Nik is going to be the special guest at The Space at the Latest Music Bar in Brighton on Tuesday 7 October. If you’re in the area you can catch him on 12 November at The Lights in Andover, and you London commuters will find him performing on 16 November at The Luminaire on Kilburn High Road – great opportunities to see one of the truly great British pop geniuses!

Beside those iconic singles, he’ll be promoting his latest album You’ve Got to Laugh which is available via or iTunes.

How did you get your big break? After sending out the usual batch of demos to record companies (and getting back the usual batch of rejection slips) I advertised in Melody Maker for a manager. One reply I got back was someone with the dubious nom de plume of Mickey Modern. He’d been the manager of Nine Below Zero before that. He went to all the same record companies with the same demo tape and got me a deal with MCA records.

What would you be doing had you not become a musician? I’ve never had a master plan as such and always been a bit of a dreamer. At various points in my childhood I wanted to be an actor, a racing driver and a footballer. Anything that involved wealth and fame basically. In reality, had I not got lucky with the music, I would’ve probably been unemployable.

Which famous person would you like to be? The Dalai Lama. Burgundy and yellow are my favourite colours.

What is your biggest regret? Leaving the sun roof open last night.

Which song do you like to sing when you are in the shower? ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin.’

If I gave you £20,000 tomorrow, what would you do with it? Buy a herd of cows. I’ve always fancied making my own cheese.

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