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By Becky Lucas, Wednesday November 28 2007

Nik Kershaw
Famous for 80s pop legends such as 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me', 'Wouldn't It Be Good' and 'The Riddle', British singer-songwriter Nik Kershaw is playing at Jambase this weekend. Time Out caught up with the chrooner to both quiz him . and clear up a few riddles that have been bothering us lately...

1) Your press release is very tongue in cheek. Did you write it? Has that really been your attitude to your whole career?

Yes. I've never been one to take myself too seriously... actually, that's not true. In the 80s, I took myself much too seriously. I think we all did.

2) What have you been doing since last year's album, You've Got To Laugh? What have you got to laugh about?

a) Very little and b) Ricky Gervais.

3) What was the secret to storming up the charts in the 80s?

I slept my way to the top.

4) 'Wait, I think I feel a song coming on!..... Sorry, it was just wind' (from your website blog) Do you often confuse the two?

No, but other people do. 'There's nothing quite as creative as a good bowel movement.' Shelley, I think.

5) Level 42, Scritti Politti, Hue and Cry and now YOU. All 80s artistes releasing albums in the same year. Is the time ripe for an 80s revival?

There comes a time in every man's life when he realises he's not dead yet. I think we all reached that conclusion at the same time. People have been talking to me about the '80s revival' since I released an album in 1998.

6) You've said you don't enjoy performing. Why are you playing in Dubai?

Please choose from the following:

a. My tan needs topping up.

b. My girlfriend wants diamonds.

c. I don't remember saying 'I don't enjoy it

' I'll admit to not being at my most comfortable onstage and the thought of performing live always scares me a bit, but, every now and then it's good to face your fears.

7) Where did you get your magical suit from in the 'Wouldn't It Be Good' video? Can we get one?

Gap kids. I think their entire range of Psycho-visual mind-altering clothing has been discontinued now. They couldn't find anywhere to put the batteries.

8) Where did the mullet haircut trend come from?

Don't know, but whoever's responsible deserves a good smack.

9)Is it actually possible to stop the sun going down?

It would be true to say that the sun, relative to the rest of the solar system, isn't, in fact, going anywhere. It just appears to 'go down'. Human conceit still seems to have the sun orbiting around the Earth.

10) If a tree falls (or, indeed, a Nik Kershaw CD plays) in the forest and there's no one to hear it, does it make a sound?

Again, human conceit. We think it's all about us, don't we? I'm sure there's a squirrel somewhere who can hear it. And, if there's a squirrel playing Nik Kershaw CDs, we need to get David Attenborough out there, quick.

11) If it's zero degrees outside today and tomorrow is going to be twice as cold, how cold will tomorrow be?

Zero degrees Celsius is 32 degrees Fahrenheit therefore, based on the premise that 'twice as cold' is equivalent to 'half as warm', we can calculate that it will be 16 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow (-8. 88888888888889 degrees Celsius).

12) Even though we think a colour is red, is it actually the same 'red' to somebody else or do people see the same colour differently?

I believe we all experience things in our own individual way. I even felt moved to write a song about this, 'Cloud Nine' from the Then & Now album.

13) Why do all toasters have a setting that burns toast to a blackened crisp that nobody would ever want to eat?

It's all about choice. Also, it's a good way of testing the battery in your smoke alarm without having to go and get a step ladder.

14) If we all evolved from apes, why didn't all apes evolve?

They didn't have Facebook.

15) What is the meaning of life?

42, everybody knows that.

Nik Kershaw plays Jambase on December 4-5. Tickets Dhs300-Dhs500. For more information and dinner reservations, call 04 3666730 .

By Becky Lucas, Wednesday November 28 2007

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