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Question: "Hello Simon! I am a big Nik Kershaw fan and I just wondered if you would share with me in your own words what it was like to work with Nik? You have worked with many top acts over the years and I just wondered how Nik compares to other artists who you have worked with.
Gary Wilson"
"Well Nik is also a personal friend of mine so it was a little different when I played on his records. I remember listening to his original demos before he had a record deal - they were truly amazing, considering how he made them. He is so talented and I wish he could have another chance of getting the recognition he deserves. I spoke to him recently and I am hoping to play on his new record."
Simon Phillips (drummer on Radio Musicola album)
From Simon Phillips official site (12/10/2005)

Nik Kershaw for me is tops, I bought every album, I was a huge fan, I was nervous to even talk to him on tour for fear of saying something inane or clumsy......and boy did he still have his talent. He played that guitar like fluid, worked the crowd with some wicked dry humour.

"Kershaw said to me that he had not sung for nearly 10 years when he recorded this album (15 MINUTES). It doesn t show. He has produced his strongest material to date to confirm his position as one of Britains top songwriters.."
"Don t dismiss his new album just because you think it is trendy not like him. lt is an irresistible collection of tracks which will grab the attention of anyone who likes guitar-drenched rock and pop alongside powerful melodies".
Ian Sale - "Evening Standard" 18/02/99.

"There is not a weak song in the 15 MINUTES album; I found myself humming the tunes after just one listen. This is a truly expert blend of great sounds, talented songwriting and musicianship. Inspiring".
Ben Barlett "Guitarist".

"..I love Nik Kershaw because he is able to write great lyrics for genial melodies. In This moment he s got an extremely young audience, mainly teen-agers, but his music is much more mature than the average age of his fans. His music is really extraordinary!.."
Joan Armatrading. "Rockstar" June 1985.

Nik is a national treasure. A VERY talented man. It was great, it continues to be great!
Chesney Hawkes

"Nik is one of Britain s best. Make sure you catch him live!"
Chris Evans - BBC Breakfast Show

."..I adore Police and singular musicians like Nik Kershaw. He is a big, able as few can, to combine pop sensibility and electronic taste...."
Nicoḷ Fabi (Very famous Italian musician)
from "Rockstar" Sept. 1997.

Dream Gigs - "Mmm, Bruce again - I'd love to play for him, preferably in a trio setting (seems that his best bands are trios.) I love playing bass for singer/song-writers, so Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, Jonatha Brooke and Martyn Joseph would also be there, along with Nik Kershaw - one of the best songwriters of the last 20 years
Steve Lawson - UK's leading solo bass guitarist
He toured with many artists including Level 42 and Howard Jones.

"Particularly someone like Nik Kershaw, who I think is brilliant sort of like musician that you can sort of do anything with his voice, really, in terms of getting the notes, and sort of harmonizing and all the rest of it."
Tony Banks, 8th Oct. 1995
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