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"Who would you most like to play with?"
"Paul McCartney - we'd complement each other well - and Nik Kershaw. I'm a huge fan."
Kasim Sulton

"Nik Kershaw (yes!)
Great sounds, tight accurate playing and the boy can write a tune. Taught me a lot about melody and power pop. Good, well placed riffs taught me that solos are not the only way for a guitarist to shine through."
Paul A Davies (p-a-d)

"Who do you most admire?"
"Tim Berners-Lee - the English bloke who invented the World Wide Web and chose not to make any money from it / Nik Kershaw"
Tim Muffett

“When I invite an artist to tour with me I usually get someone I like and someone I admire. Nik played the last time we did Wembley Stadium gig and on the ’Ice On Fire’ record and I met Nik at the Watford Garden Party last year and he wasn’t doing anything so I sort of cajoled him into coming on tour with me, because I am a big fan of his, I love his songs, I always have done, and he’s a very under-rated guitarist.”
Elton John
BBC “Going Live” TV show - backstage interview with Nik & Elton, 1989, Berlin, on the European Leg of Elton’s World Tour.

Jacques approached his long-time pop idol (and former mullet sporter) Nik Kershaw to work with him on Sometimes. "Someone like Nik Kershaw wanting to work with me was the highest kind of compliment," he reckons, ridiculously modestly. "I intitially sent him some tapes and he called me up the next day going 'I really like them, but I don't know what you want me to do...'. I said I want to do a song with you and he was like 'brilliant!... An obviously awe-struck Jacques continues: "I went to his house - he's got a big recording studio there. It was weird being there and just hearing Nik Kershaw singing right next to me because, to me, he is of the highest calibre of artists."
Jacques Lu Cont
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"Nik Kershaw, in a sense, is like a victim of his own success in that he wrote some really brilliant songs, not just for himself, but for other people, and he became Nik Kershaw. And Jacques adds that Nik is a brilliant singer and songwriter: "And no-one can really take that away from him - that's kind of what he does and that's why I wanted to work with him. So I was working with him completely seriously, it's a really kind of fun end result."
Jacques Lu Cont

When I was 17 the first person in the business I did a track with was Nik Kershaw! He's working on a new album and he would like some heapy warbles. I learnt so much from him in the early days. A week in the studio with him taught me more than two years at school! Invaluable. He's a right laugh as well. At the time I remember he kept reciting bits from the Pink Panther show..."not now Kato, this is not the time!", type thing...for absolutely no reason. He's a brilliant songwriter.
Imogen Heap
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And what did he think of Nik Kershaw?
"He's a very talented guy. Very good guitarist, great writer, a lot of enthusiasm, very talented all round."
Yeah, but there had to be a bit of rivalry there didn't there? He scoffs at the suggestion.
"No! Never," he cackles, "I mean from my point of view I was absolutely thrilled to have got so far, because it's very hard to. Everyone wants to be a popstar but to try and do it is very difficult. And so to actually have achieved it for me, you know I was delighted, I didn't care what anyone else was doing, because that was great for them, I'd made it to this point, and I had no time for competing with anyone. That's ridiculous."
Howard Jones

Mike: Tell me about writing songs with Nik Kershaw. It's the second time you've done that, how did you hook up with him?
Michael: Well! You know I grew up on Nik Kershaw. I actually think I'm a little older than he is. In the 80s he had "Radio Musicola" and all those records that he did. I just thought he was brilliant but then I still do, I think the guy's amazing. It was a long shot when I was making "Live The Life". I wanted to come work with Steven Lipson and if I'm going to England then I wanna write with one of my heroes and I thought maybe it would be a long shot when I said I'd like to write with Nik Kershaw. Before you know it the whole thing had worked out. Me and Steven and Nik are all cooped up in one room, none of us having worked together and going "Ok! What are we going to do next?" We wrote a song called "Let Me Show You The Way" which is from the "Live The Life" record and then I called to see if Nik would like to come over to the States to help me work on "Hey you! It's Me". So, he found some time, came and spent four days here in Nashville. We gave him a little southern hospitality and made him feel real good and he wrote a great lyric. That's the way to do it, bribe the Brit!
Michael W.H.Smith

First album ever bought, Human Racing by Nik Kershaw
First concert ever attended, Nik Kershaw at the Queens Hall, Leeds
Best album he owns on cassette is Human Racing by Nik Kershaw
Chris Moyles - BBC Radio One DJ.



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